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Wound Honey
by ERAS Natural Sciences

(1 - 80g Tube)
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Wound Honey by ERAS Natural Sciences (1 - 80g Tube)
Wound Honey is clinically proven to help aid in the healing of wounds, cuts, bed and pressure sores, burns, venous stasis wounds and MRSA infected wounds.

Dr. Nordyke's Wound Honey is a wound care topical product that has natural anti-bacterial properties which aid in healing, help soothe painful wounds, and protect against infections.
The key ingredient to this powerful wound care topical is Active Manuka Honey, imported directly from New Zealand. Active Manuka Honey is pure, natural, unpasteurized, organic honey that is collected from the Tea Tree Bush (Leptospermum). Active Manuka Honey is clinically proven to have antibacterial properties, including activity against MRSA. Active Manuka decreases infections, reduces malodor, soothes pain, and protects against additional infections.
Dr. Nordyke's Wound Honey uses the power of Active Manuka Honey and combines it with Aloe Vera and Panthenol (a non-irritating form of Vitamin B) to increase the soothing properties, assist in cell regeneration, and speed up healing. To learn more about our product, please refer to How It Works.
The use of our web site is educational and informational. Eras Natural Sciences, makers of Dr. Nordyke's Manuka Honey Products, does not make any medical claims of any kind. We do not replace your physician and we recommend that you consult with your doctor first before trying any natural product. If you have any known allergies to honey, ask your doctor to be tested for reactions to any ingredients in our products. Ask your doctor if he/she knows of any known adverse effects when taken together with your regular medications.